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Why Was 2023 Ideum's Best Year Yet?

It's been a whirlwind of improved products, upgraded production methods, and memorable projects.
Authored by
Greg Hayes
Marketing & Content Coordinator

We don't usually do annual recaps, which often read as mind-numbing tirades of self-adulation with a few thank-yous thrown in for seasoning. But in Ideum's tradition of bending tradition, we're using this brief recap as an opportunity to show our immense gratitude to our clients, partners, buyers, and community, who have all helped us stretch and grow in new ways. 

Your requests, ideas, referrals, and acquisitions have taken us around the globe. Your projects have inspired our creative team, helped expand our workshop, and let us contribute to the inspiration and learning journeys of millions of visitors. Your wishes and needs have pushed us to stay at the leading edge of R&D (and hoo boy, wait until you see what '24 has in store!). And in all these ways and more, you've given us the means to help out in our communities. 

In short, thanks to you, it has been a really fun year at Ideum. Here, let us show you what we mean. 

New Projects & Installations

Product News

  • Our sales and workshop teams have been working hard to reduce lead times.
  • We stepped up the Reader Rail, our super popular 34" ultrawide 5K touch display. 
  • Our new Keyboard Tray's design was designed by designers for designing, and built for builders who build buildings (and other things).
  • Our engineers and developers got their hands on the Touchless Pedestal for a full redesign and new capabilities.
  • At a sneak-peek trade show debut, users couldn't take their eyes off our optically bonded display prototype — or their hands. Watch here for more news about this exciting new product, coming soon!
  • We shipped our touch tables to more than a dozen different countries, three of which were a first for us: Uganda, Uruguay, and Poland!


Supporting Our Community

  • In keeping with our mission to support the ecosystem of public learning and enrichment, we're proud to have worked with nonprofits such as museums, libraries, and educators to further their causes in the face of tightening budgets and other challenges.  
  • We doctored up the UNM Children's Hospital waiting room by donating a Pico touch table. 
  • And finally, we rooted for STEM Santa Fe by donating a Presenter for their inspirational education programs.

Thanks again for being on this ride with us, and for making it possible to keep doing what we love. See you in 2024!

* Editor's note: It is not, in fact, our first rodeo (at least proverbially speaking).