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The Ultimate Reader Rail: Ideum's New High-Resolution Ultrawide Touch Screen

Add a new dimension to visitor experiences with interactive digital exhibit signage on a durable and vivid 5K display.
Authored by
Greg Hayes
Marketing & Content Coordinator

Update: 3/22/24 - Our new Reader Rail kiosk has now been released.

For almost ten years, Ideum has been supplying touch displays in an ultrawide form factor that's familiar to museum lovers everywhere. Since delivering 80 of our first version to Chicago's Field Museum starting in 2014, we've continued improving on the design, which is now a 34" ultrawide 5K multitouch display.

Printed signage in a similar format—known in the industry variously as a reader rail, reading rail, museum rail, exhibit kiosk, and other generic or trademarked names—has long been used by museums, zoos, aquariums, galleries, and other public spaces to display exhibit information. 

Ideum's Reader Rail adds a new dimension of engagement to these traditional exhibit labels. Besides expanding the range of available information, interactive displays can attract more visitors, spark curiosity, enrich conversations, increase engagement time, and boost knowledge retention. With 40 touch points, it supports the development of a variety of interactive applications—and with the new 5K screen resolution, it's more attractive and beautiful than ever.

Like all of our rugged tables, the Reader Rail is designed and built to thrive in high-traffic public environments, with all-aluminum construction that helps future-proof exhibit signage. It's easy to update information and images, test and iterate different UX approaches, repurpose during exhibit turnover, and keep the unit clean and looking sharp. It can also pair magnificently with other exhibit displays as an interactive control surface. 

Our Reader Rail is currently available in two of our popular formats: the 34" Presenter with a hardened aluminum case, or the 34" Inline designed to be integrated with custom housing—build your own, or let the experts at Ideum's Fabrication Studio create one for you. From either product page, click the View Tech Specs button and select the 34" option to see the full details.

Coming soon, we'll announce our fully integrated Reader Rail, built into a handsome stand with our top-of-the-line PC. This semi-customizable all-in-one unit, fabricated here at Ideum, will offer a number of options including solid surface materials and beautiful natural wood. As soon as we've put the finishing touches on our final prototypes, we promise to show you all the details right here.

In the meantime, for more information on the Reader Rail or any of our other products and services, we welcome you to contact our Sales group