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Touchless Pedestal

The Platform Classic is still available via special order.

The Touchless Pedestal is a stand-alone touchless device that provides zero-touch interaction for large displays, video walls, LED tile walls, and projection-based environments.


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Innovative Design

This revolutionary device has an integrated Intel® NUC Compute Elements i3 with Windows 10 64-bit, a LED display, LED lights, and a 3Di Leap Motion controller. The built-in display and LED lights provide an important feedback mechanism for users as they navigate large interactive installations.


Bundled with Touchless.Design open-source software, authoring new or adapting existing applications is made easy. Touchless Design 3.0 (available as of October 2023) provides animated feedback, onscreen orientation, and UDP communication between the Pedestal and the application’s computer. During its debut, Touchless Design won the Ultraleap Beyond Touchscreens Competition.

Quality Components, Quality Build

The Touchless Pedestal includes an 11th Generation Intel Core processor with 4GB RAM, 5.5” AMOLED HD display, LED lights and controller, and an integrated Leap motion device. The Pedestal crafted in the USA out of aluminum and solid surface materials.

Custom Hardware

The Touchless Pedestal is available in white or black finish. We can also create custom stand-alone or integrated devices for a variety of touchless installations and exhibits. In addition, Ideum’s design, programming, and media services team can be hired to develop custom applications. Contact our sales group for more details.

Engineered for Public Spaces

The Touchless Pedestal can be connected via the Ethernet connection found in its base or through its built-in wireless connection. The Pedestal has a locking power button or can be set up to wake-on-LAN. It is free standing, but it can also be easily and securely mounted to the floor without the base plate.

Made in USA

Ideum interactive products are designed and built in the USA out of US and globally sourced components. We back our products with a three-year warranty and provide timely and professional support and service when necessary. The same people who build our interactive devices provide our support.