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PBR Interactive Debuts at The Cowboy

Explore 30 years of Professional Bull Riders history with the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum's new exhibit
Authored by
Jim Spadaccini
Founder & Creative Director

Last weekend, the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum debuted our new interactive exhibit on PBR (Professional Bull Riders) in their Rodeo Gallery. The exhibit allows visitors to select from over 100 videos, from last year’s top rides along with 30 years of PBR history, using our custom fabricated “reader rail” to control the projection. Visitors can create their dream bull-riding matchups by pairing last season's top riders with bulls to watch their actual ride.

Ideum worked closely with The Cowboy and PBR to create this interactive exhibit, whose debut was timed to coincide with the PBR Heroes & Legends event hosted by The Cowboy. Honoring individuals who have made a substantial contribution to the sport of bull riding, the event also coincided with Freedom Fest, a weekend home stand by OKC's own PBR team, Oklahoma Freedom.  

Before the Heroes & Legends awards, a number of PBR riders and coaches came by the Rodeo Gallery to check out the interactive, and some riders even got to watch themselves on the big screen. While they all seemed to enjoy seeing last season’s rides, the younger riders in particular seemed most interested in the videos of PBR history.

It was great to work with both The Cowboy and PBR on this exciting project. It's a rare thrill to get to meet some of the individuals featured in an exhibit, but also informative, as we could get their unique take on the experience's features and content. We are now working on a version of this installation that will travel with the PBR later this year, and will let you know when that kiosk hits the road.