Interactive Wine Bar for New MSC Cruise Ship

In June 2023, MSC Cruises launched their new cruise ship Euribia, carrying a first-of-its-kind interactive wine-tasting experience, which Ideum created in close collaboration with MSC Cruises, their food and beverage team and sommeliers, Malta Solutions, and Vinu.

The Helios Wine Maker is an onboard wine bar offering nearly 100 wines from around 20 of the world's top labels. Interactive touch tables share the story of each wine and winery, demystifying the processes of winemaking and wine tasting, allowing novices and experts to share the experience. 

Using our own Tangible Engine object-recognition system, Ideum developed custom software to run on our Inline touch displays. The Ideum Fabrication Studio built six custom touch tables to match the interior presented by MSC's ship's architect. Two large tables each seat up to eight — hosting both masterclasses and open-ended tastings — and four "couple's tables" host a more intimate two-person open-ended tasting experience. 

Open-Ended Wine Tasting Experience

During the wine bar's normal operating hours, each place setting at the open-ended wine tasting tables can run independently, enabling every guest to tailor their experience to their own preferences. Groups can also enjoy a shared experience by coordinating their tasting choices so they can compare their ratings.

After receiving their wine of choice at the wine bar's digital self-service taps, guests place a specially designed capacitive coaster (or what we call a "tangible") on the table to activate the wine-tasting experience. Guests can use the table's interactive screen to navigate among the ship's current array of wineries and wines, taking a deep dive into informative and entertaining profiles of the wine they're sipping and wines they're considering for the next round. 

Participating wineries submitted stories and photos. Their content is supplemented by an objective data set supplied by wine information specialists at Vinu, incorporated seamlessly into the Ideum-designed UI. The touch application encourages visitors to swipe through these informational morsels to complement their wine tasting. 


Passengers who book a premium Masterclass experience are treated to one of four one-of-a-kind blended interactive courses — The World of Prestigious Wines; Wines of the Old World, Wines of the New; Sustainable & Biodynamic Wines; and Wine and Glass Pairing with Riedel. 

With course content designed by renowned master sommelier Fabio Miccoli, each Masterclass is facilitated by the cruise's onboard sommelier. The course material is programmed to expand the tasting experience and knowledge for wine tasters of all experience levels. 

Guests have the ability to navigate expanding dimensions of information, complementing and reinforcing course material delivered with the sommelier's personal touch. 

The New Cruise Ship

MSC Euribia first set sail in June 2023, with a mix of facilities unique in the MSC fleet. As of the time of its launch, it is the most environmentally advanced cruise ship on the planet. The LNG-powered ship's first voyage was completely carbon-neutral.

The Community Table in the foreground is set up for the Riedel Masterclass, while guests interact at the table in the background.