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Nine Inspiring Custom Builds

See some of the clever ways Ideum's versatile Inline displays have been integrated into custom work.
Authored by
Greg Hayes
Marketing & Content Coordinator

Here at Ideum, we pride ourselves on the utility, good looks, and versatility of our popular line of touch tables and displays. But when the situation calls for something unique, it's actually one of our simplest displays that gets the job done right. 

Our Inline series of touch displays, with open-frame aluminum construction and precision manufacturing, was designed specifically for seamless integration into custom cabinetry, walls, tables, and other surfaces. Minimalist but tough, these screens look great in any setting. 

Our Integration Guide makes it a breeze to incorporate the Inline into your own work, with precise measurements alongside clear instructions for mounting, finishing, ventilation — everything a fabricator needs to complete their own custom installation. 

That said, you don’t have to do all the work. Ideum’s state-of-the-art Fabrication Studio and skilled artisans stand ready to turn your idea into reality — anything from the simple elegance of a custom table to the complexity of entire interactive environments. 

Here, let us show you what we mean. Come join us on a whirlwind tour of some favorite custom builds!

Custom Builds from Ideum

Marble Community Table

Created for a corporate experience center, this centerpiece experience combines three Ideum 86” Inline displays, allowing up to 18 simultaneous users. Designed specifically to match the center’s interior, the marble cabinet weighs over 5,500 pounds, supported by an industrial-strength frame — all custom-built in Ideum’s Fabrication Studio. Our AV team designed a custom motion-activated lighting system to respond to approaching visitors and similarly cue the table’s contents to react. Read More

At the center of an elegantly designed modern and spacious lobby stands a long table constructed of delicately striated marble on all sides, with touch screens inset flush into the top surface. Seeming small in comparison, an average-size adult man stands beside the table, using his hands to navigate on the touch screen.
The Ultimate Touch Table: 21 feet long and clad with Italian marble.

Ultimate Conference Room 

Ideum designed, programmed, and installed this collaborative workspace in four locations for Amada. The 43” Inline touch displays at each end of the table can be switched in real time to display on the vivid LG video wall (also designed and installed by Ideum), allowing staff to share brief presentations or technical details. The 65” touch display in the center is a collaborative workspace where visitors can, for instance, mark up documents used in the presentation or highlight spec sheets and other technical information. Each custom conference room table is made of hand-selected quilted maple, which we milled and joined in Ideum’s Fabrication Studio. Read More

Three Ideum Inline touch screens are embedded into a sleek natural-finish long conference table. A person stands at one end using the touch screen to toggle information, which is also simultaneously displayed on a very large wall screen. The other two inline touch screens display unique content.
Ideum combines high technology with fine woodworking to create a meeting space like no other.

PBR Traveling Exhibit Kiosk 

After the Professional Bull Riders exhibit we created for The Cowboy opened in Oklahoma City, PBR asked us to design a scaled-down version they could take on the road. Our design and fabrication team created a custom kiosk that pairs our Inline 34” Reader Rail as a control interface with a 49” display monitor to share a portable experience with all the content and functionality of the full-size PBR exhibit. For travel, the monitor lowers from its upright display position and locks in place, allowing the compacted kiosk to be secured in its custom-built ATA case. See More

A man wearing cowboy boots, jeans, a loose jacket, and a cowboy hat stands in front of a kiosk with one upright screen, reading "FIND YOUR WEST" in large letters, and one screen built into a sloped surface, which the man is using to select from several onscreen options.
Designed to pack down for frequent travel, the PBR exhibit kiosk presents a smaller mirrored experience of the permanent exhibit we designed for The Cowboy.

New Mexico Film Kiosk

Created as a visitor experience for travelers at Albuquerque International Sunport, this kiosk showcases film locations throughout New Mexico. When visitors select from among the many locations offered on the 43” Inline touch display, they’re treated to rich content on the immersive 75” display. In addition to the custom software, Ideum also designed and fabricated the striking kiosk using Staron solid surface material and inlaid wood accents. See More

A sleek white cabinet houses a large monitor showing a behind-the-scenes montage from the Netflix show Chambers. Beneath that screen juts a control surface stylized with wood pieces cut to resemble topography and a small inset map of New Mexico, plus a flush-mounted touch screen which a visitor is using to scroll through and select options.
Travelers can explore the world of New Mexico film production at Albuquerque Sunport.

Interactive Towers at Monterey Bay Aquarium

We can engineer fully custom, unique touch displays as we did for The Monterey Bay Aquarium. Designed for the AZA award-winning exhibition, Into the Deep these custom towers display the Instagram feed from photos from Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute’s (MBARI) Instagram feed. Visitors can scroll through the extensive collection and click on each photo to bring up more information. Ideum designed, fabricated, and installed the four viewer towers, each of which boasts a custom elongated 86" display capped by a custom 33" square monitor. Read More

Between tall floor-to-ceiling windows stand four display towers displaying grids of colorful photos of sea creatures in their natural environment, while visitors use the touch interface to scroll and explore more information.
Visitors browse the latest images from MBARI while enjoying an amazing view of Monterey Bay.

Fresco Interactive Wall Kiosk

Ideum designed an interactive application with a wall-mounted kiosk to document and illuminate the ongoing work of renowned New Mexico artist Frederico Vigil, who is in the process of painting a massive fresco celebrating the history of winemaking in the state. The immersive Inline 65” touch display is mounted with finishing trim that also serves the installation's ventilation and small-footprint directional speaker. You can experience this living work of art at the Albuquerque Convention Center. Read More

Against the backdrop of an enormous work-in-progress fresco behind scaffolding, a visitor stands before a large wall-mounted touch screen reading "FRESCO AND THE EARTH" with photos, text, and menu options.
Interactive kiosk complements experience of publicly evolving fresco.

Penguin Chill

When Ideum designed the visitor experience surrounding the ABQ Biopark Zoo's new penguin enclosure, we created an immersive environment with fun interactive experiences to give visitors a taste of working as a scientist at a South American research station. The science station and other exhibits are a great example of how we can seamlessly and beautifully incorporate touch screens into themed environments. See More

A large simulated control station styled in construction and function after the interior of a research ship. Six informational screens are inset across the top. Beneath them are panels of dials, indicator lights, and digital readouts. On sloped interfaces are two touch screens flanked by listening devices.
Penguin Chill's science stations simulate the experience of a shipboard command center.

Outside Integrators

We love seeing the many ways that other designers incorporate our Inline screens, whether we work directly with an exhibit team, supply hardware, or (in many cases) spot our screens out in the wild. Here's just a couple examples:

Digital Map Explorer

Simple and sweet. Ideum designed a map explorer application for Colonial Williamsburg and tied it to the museum's existing CMS so their staff could easily update content as needed. Allowing visitors to browse, view, and zoom into numerous high-res scans of historical maps and art from the museum's collection, the application runs on Inline touch displays, which have been mounted into simple and elegant custom tables built by one of the art museum's master carpenters to match the exhibition's style. See More

A simple but beautiful table constructed in an unembellished way hosts a flush-mount touch screen reading "Explore maps and prints in the Colonial Williamsburg collection" against the washed out background of an unidentifiable piece of historical art.
The Colonial Williamsburg Digital Map Explorer exhibit.

Display cases for the Granger-Moulton Museum

Spotted on Instagram, Vermont artisan William Jacob created these remarkably handsome custom display cases to preserve and present artifacts with the aid of integrated Ideum Inline screens. According to the artist's website, he "employs careful craftsmanship and traditional joinery to ensure that the furniture he designs can withstand real life uses for this and future generations … durability and design go hand in hand," which resonates strongly with our own philosophy here at Ideum. 

Have you incorporated Ideum touch displays into your creations? We'd love to see! Tag us on Insta or on our LinkedIn, or drop us a line at info@ideum.com and share your work!