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Announcing the Reader Rail - A Fabricated, All-in-One Kiosk for Museums & Other Public Spaces

Ideum now offers a fabricated turnkey Reader Rail 5K ultrawide screen kiosk system
Authored by
Jim Spadaccini
Founder & Creative Director

Ideum's new Reader Rail Kiosk is our digital version of a popular form factor that has been commonly found at museums for decades, sometimes also referred to as reading rails. Sleek and ultrawide, Reader Rails often are found in front of display cases or other installations — they are generally used for signage to explain the objects or exhibit they are adjacent to. Our 5K ultra-high resolution version of the fabricated Reader Rail provides an attractive, high-tech option for museums and others who are looking for a way to create a more interactive and exciting experience.

The 34” touch display in the Reader Rail is also available as a Presenter display and Inline, open-frame display. This display debuted as part of our Ebbets Field model installation at the Jackie Robinson Museum in New York City and more recently at The Cowboy Museum in Oklahoma City. Prior versions of this ultrawide display have found their way into installations at the Field Museum, and many other museum settings. The latest version of the display has superior resolution, brightness, and contrast in comparison to its predecessors. 

The entirely new kiosk is our first fabricated product that uses wood and solid surface materials. Our fabrication group produces the Ideum-designed wooden bases with a solid-surface top and all-aluminum kick. Like our touch tables and our Portrait kiosk, these units are all-in-one, lockable, and have single push-button power. We are building them like our other units, in small batches with a relatively short lead time.  Also, like our other products, we always factor in ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards for accessibility.

We can customize the Reader Rail with different finishes and solid surface materials. We will be releasing a white version of the Reader Rail kiosk this summer.  A “dark” and a “light” version of the kiosk will complete our standard offerings with models that can fit into a variety of museums and other public settings. Check out the Reader Rail webpage or contact our Sales group for more information.