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Custom, Specialized Fabrication for Interactive Experiences

Ideum develops interactive exhibits, smart furniture, and bespoke fabricated pieces with embedded technology.
Authored by
Jim Spadaccini
Founder & Creative Director

Back at the turn of the century when Ideum was founded, we focused primarily on software, web development, and more traditional forms of media production. As our firm grew and as technology in public spaces has evolved, our capabilities and interests have changed as well. While we may be best known for our multitouch tables, much of what we do today involves industrial design and fabrication of one type or another. Most of these fabrication projects involve embedded technology, displays, sensors, LED lighting, RFID, and other types of interactive elements.

We have been deeply involved in fabrication and industrial design for over a decade as we built and expanded our line of touch tables and interactive display products. But we took a major step forward in 2018, when we opened our dedicated fabrication studio and added key staff skilled in working with a wide range of materials. Ideum’s fabrication group was created to push the boundaries of custom interactive technologies. The goal is to make seamless exhibits, blending the technology into the fabricated pieces and the architectural qualities of public spaces.

We continue to work with and support other fabrication companies, particularly on large design projects involving multiple interactive experiences. We don’t work often on fabricated pieces that involve some sort of embedded technology. Our expertise in working with emerging technologies is the sweet spot. We can more easily craft these types of exhibits than many traditional fabrication firms that may not have the technical expertise we have gained over the years.

Later this summer and in the fall, we will announce some new and very exciting projects that showcase our fabrication skills. In the meantime, you may want to check out the 21-foot marble touch table that we developed with IDEO, Gensler, and Second Story, or the multiscreen interactive kiosk we developed for the New Mexico Film Office and the Albuquerque Sunport.