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Tangible Engine Version 3 Beta Available

Tangible Engine 3 Beta is available now, free for owners of prior versions of the software.
Authored by
Jim Spadaccini
Founder & Creative Director

When we first released Tangible Engine it was the first object recognition software package for non-optical touch screens. Ideum has been bundling Tangible Engine with our interactive touch tables since 2016. Since then competitors have emerged, but we’ve continued to improve Tangible Engine making it the most advanced authoring package of its kind. With the full release of version 3 later next month, we are continuing to extend the capabilities of Tangible Engine, adding new features and improving its performance. The Beta version of Tangible Engine 3 is now available for free to existing customers (as will the full version once it is available).

Tangible Engine 3 has improved support for the Colossus 86” touch table. We have a new set of eight distinct tangibles designed specifically for the Colossus display. New profile support for these tangible objects is built into version 3. We’ve also added a new class of Tangibles designed specifically for beverage applications (not unlike what we designed and developed for MSC Cruise lines). There are fifteen unique patterns available in these larger 5.25” tangibles. They are designed to be large enough to support an expensive large wine glass (think Reidel red wine glasses). 

In addition, we’ve added support for beverage tangibles in the Tangible Engine Rapid Prototyping Tool–a basic visual authoring tool that comes with the Tangible Engine API. We will have an additional announcement about interactive wine-tasting experiences later this summer.

Along with new capabilities, we’ve improved the performance of Tangible Engine, speeding up some of the communication protocols that the application uses. In particular, the object recognition software is more efficient with complex multiuser projects that utilize a large number of touch points and tangibles. In addition, we have new profiles for our various touch table sizes, making it easier to author unique applications and improving tangible recognition and performance. Furthermore, this version updates our support for authoring in Node.js and Electron to the latest versions. Tangible Engine continues its support for Unity3D which remains the most popular method for authoring.

Current owners of Tangible Engine can try the Beta for free and you will be eligible for an upgrade to the released version of Tangible Engine 3.0 in June. Tangible Engine continues to be available bundled with our touch tables, please reach out to our sales or support team for more information.