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Ideum Introduces Tangible Engine 2.0

Major Update of Tangible Engine Software Adds Functionality and Flexibility
Authored by
Nick Schrandt
HCI Programmer

Ideum is pleased to announce the release of Tangible Engine 2.0, an extensive update to our object recognition software designed to run on Ideum touch displays. Rebuilt from the ground up, this version of Tangible Engine greatly extends the software’s capabilities, adds brand new features, and simplifies the authoring process for developers.

Tangible Engine is the first object recognition software package for projected-capacitive multitouch displays. The package allows application developers to connect events within applications—opening windows, selecting options, moving onscreen objects—to physical items placed on the table’s surface. All kinds of items can be linked to screen events, simply by adding a slim, lightweight 3D-printed base recognized by the display.

The biggest update included in Tangible Engine 2.0 is a shift to a modular service model, an addition that allows for fast and simple tangible integration into applications. With this framework, developers can simply connect to the service and start using Tangible Engine’s object recognition capabilities.This also allows easy access to later updates without the need to modify existing projects.

Under the hood, Tangible Engine 2.0 features better object tracking fidelity, smooth and precise rotational functionality, and an extensive list of customization options, such as sensitivity control and touch point recovery, to give developers precise control of the experiences they create.

A built-in Visualizer utility allows developers to test the system’s object-recognition parameters, and a Trainer feature makes creating or modifying tangible profiles quick and easy.

Tangible Engine 2.0 also includes project templates for both QT/QtQuick and Unity3D that allow developers to jump right into building their projects. The software’s documentation includes guidelines for updating existing tangible projects to use Tangible Engine 2.0. Additionally, developers can create their own custom bindings to Tangible Engine for their preferred development platforms.

Tangible Engine 2.0 makes it easier than ever before to create object-recognition applications that lead to powerfully engaging and memorable user experiences.

Tangible Engine 2.0 is designed exclusively for use with Ideum multitouch tables. For more information, please contact our sales group at sales@ideum.com.

To learn more about Tangible Engine 2.0, visit the website, or read our white paper and press release.