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Reader Rail Kiosk Now Available in White

Our newest product, the 34” ultrawide Reader Rail Kiosk, is now available in two standard color options: black or white
Authored by
Liz Richardson
Manager of Sales & Marketing

In April we released the long-anticipated Reader Rail Kiosk; an elegant, all-in-one touch table designed for use in museums, galleries, and other public spaces. The kiosk is a digital version of the popular form factor seen in institutions around the world. The ultrawide 5K format, 40 touch points, and an integrated computer make it a great interactive platform that can be placed in front of display cases, sculptures, wall-mounted digital media, and other installations. The Reader Rail can add context to the objects or exhibits they are adjacent to.

The Reader Rail’s appearance is vitally important given its placement in museums and art galleries. While most of Ideum's hardware is made with aluminum and powder-coated finishes with a timeless matte-black look, the Reader Rail is different. The base is built of wood and features an aluminum kick, while the top is crafted from solid surface materials. These materials allow the kiosk to match the look of the exhibit space; complimenting the environment without drawing focus away from the subject matter. 

With these designs in mind, we are thrilled to announce the all-white Reader Rail Kiosk, our first standard, white-color product. The kiosk includes all of the features of the black version, however, it has a unique feature that sets it apart from its black-colored counterpart and our other custom white models: a white bezel in the display itself. While our full line of products can be customized to any color, the border of each display has always been black; the white Reader Rail Kiosk is the first of its kind, allowing for the white kiosk to be fully white without the visual shift from white frame to black bezel. Of course, we can also customize the Reader Rail to match just about any color in the spectrum and the bezel can be in white or black.

Available for order, the first white Reader Rail kiosks will be ready to ship in mid-July; initial quantities are limited, so reserve yours soon. For more information on the kiosk, please contact our sales group.