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A Look Inside Ideum’s Platform II

Our most popular touch table features powerful, top of the line components in a sleek, low-profile form.
Authored by
Liz Richardson
Manager of Sales & Marketing

Those who follow Ideum are likely already familiar with our Platform II multitouch table. It can be found being used for a variety of digital exhibits and applications in museums, educational institutions, government & military agencies, and many other spaces around the world. Available in four different display sizes - 43”, 49”, 55”, and 65” - it’s our most popular product, and for good reason.

The multitouch display consists of a UHD 4k LG commercial-grade screen and highly responsive projected capacitive touch sensors made by TES (formerly 3M™). This is all protected by 4mm of strengthened anti-stiction glass and securely housed inside Ideum’s patented aluminum frame.

Supporting the display, in both the literal and figurative sense, is the ruggedized base. The aircraft-grade aluminum pedestal features a locking access panel and is supported by cast steel “feet”, which are available with or without locking casters for mobility. Behind the access panel is a low-profile enclosure which houses a powerful Windows-based computer.

This enclosure within an enclosure design provides a number of benefits. The first is noise reduction. By placing the system’s many fans behind a second enclosure, we are able to significantly dampen the sound they generate without sacrificing performance. Second is modularity; should the computer require an upgrade or replacement, the entire case can easily be removed and reinstalled. And last but certainly not least, the enclosure offers another layer of protection to keep the heart of the table safe and secure.

We use the best available components, and are always working to ensure the Platform II can offer unmatched performance. The integrated computers feature Intel® Core™ processors and NVIDIA Quadro RTX professional-grade graphics, and can support even the most demanding digital exhibits and applications, including our own Tangible Engine. Our design and assembly process allows us to test and improve components as they become available, making sure that we are always offering a touch table that is up-to-date with the latest tech. 

For more information about the Platform II and other Ideum hardware, feel free to reach out to our sales group.