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Chromebox Touch Tables Go To School

AOPEN Chromebox options for Ideum touch tables are increasingly popular in K-12 settings.
Authored by
Jim Spadaccini
Founder & Creative Director

Earlier this year, we announced Chromebox options for many of our touch tables, including the Pico Touch Coffee Table, the Drafting II, and the Platform II. Since that announcement, we have seen steady growth in interest from K-12 educational settings. We’ve always sold our PC-based tables to schools, but as Chrome is being used in more and more educational institutions, the Chromebox option for our touch tables has become increasingly popular.

Even before the pandemic (which has increased Chromebook sales even further), Chromebooks represented 60% of laptop sales in the K-12 market. With Chrome OS now a dominant factor in schools, our touch tables are a great option for in-class learning. Our touch tables are the ultimate Chrome OS-powered devices: with large displays up to 65”, high-quality components, lockable power and input, and all-metal construction, our touch tables are perfect for presentations or collaboration in the classroom.

We’ve partnered with AOPEN to make this product line possible, and we use their Chromebox Commercial 2 system which is rated for 24/7 operation and has a 3-year warranty—just like the 3-year warranty we offer on our standard touch systems. (The LG commercial monitors and 3M touch controllers we use in our touch displays are also rated for 24/7.)

The Chromebox option is our most affordable touch table selection, even before educational discounts. If you are interested in learning more about our Chromebox multitouch tables or other products, please contact our Sales Group.