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Ideum Sponsors Discovery Festival for Local Science Students

The Big Brothers Big Sisters Discovery Festival brings real-world examples of STEAM to New Mexico students for hands-on exploration and learning.
Authored by
Cheyenne Bsaies
Project Coordinator

Every year, the Big Brothers Big Sisters Discovery Festival inspires New Mexico’s students by presenting an array of STEAM learning experiences. Ideum is a Ride Sponsor of this year’s event and we’re excited to have the opportunity to demonstrate a variety of interactive experiences.

The Festival takes place at the Albuquerque Convention Center on November 3-4. Admission is free to children and their families. Ideum is pleased to join numerous other local companies and organizations to talk with students about STEAM-based careers and education paths.

At our booth, we will feature an engaging variety of interactive experiences on our multitouch tables and touch walls, including:

EM Spectrum

EM Spectrum is a popular educational application that allows guests to explore wavelengths along the electromagnetic spectrum.

Can it Kill You?

This experimental object-recognition application lets users move biological “specimens” on a touch table to create an entertaining educational experience about microorganisms.

Be A Bug

Featured at the Albuquerque BioPark Bugarium, Be A Bug allows players to fly as a beetle, dragonfly, or bee to collect food. The exhibit’s motion-recognition system actually tracks people’s movements as they navigate a virtual environment.

Hoover Dam Object Viewer

This interactive touch table experience is one of several applications we are developing for the new visitor center at Hoover Dam. This exhibit lets users explore a range of wildlife living in the desert southwest.

We’re pleased to be part of this local educational event!