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Chromebox Touch Tables Now Available

AOPEN Chromebox options for the Pico Touch coffee table, Platform II, and Drafting II touch tables.
Authored by
Jim Spadaccini
Founder & Creative Director

In January, we announced that we had built a Pico Touch Coffee Table using an AOPEN Chromebox Commercial 2 system. We received such a strong positive response that we are now offering this option for three of our multitouch models. The Pico Touch Coffee Table, the Drafting II, and the Platform II Touch Table are all now available with an integrated AOPEN Chromebox system.

The Chromebox Commercial 2 option makes our line of touch tables significantly more flexible. The Chromebox is rated for 24/7 operation and has a 3-year warranty—just like the 3-year warranty coverage we offer on our standard touch systems. (The LG commercial monitors and 3M touch controllers we use in our touch displays are also rated for 24/7.) The Chromebox option is also our most affordable touch table selection.

To learn more or receive a quote or price list, please contact our Sales Group. And if you’d like to test drive one of our Chromebox tables in person, we will be at Digital Signage Expo 2020 in Las Vegas later this year. Stop by the Ideum booth 1122. We hope to see you there!