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Pico Multitouch Coffee Table Built with a Chromebox PC

Ideum recently built a Pico touch coffee table using an AOPEN Chromebox as the integrated computer system.
Authored by
Esther Lombardi
Marketing & Sales

The newly redesigned Pico multitouch coffee table was launched in 2018 in response to client requests for a more functional and accessible model for public spaces. Now, Ideum, working with partner AOPEN, has built a Pico with a fully integrated Chromebox computer system. The goal was to lend the popular Pico even greater flexibility for clients in the US and around the world. Ideum is now evaluating the possibility of offering this configuration as a standard integrated computer option.

The integrated AOPEN Chromebox Commercial 2 is the perfect solution for clients who need a small desktop computer for streaming video services or running Android applications. The Chromebox is a commercial-grade solution that offers speed and reliability with the addition of the Google Chrome OS for easier device management.

AOPEN and Ideum have partnered on a range of custom projects with unique computer solutions, so we are glad to have the opportunity to experiment with integrating the Chromebox into our touch tables. (In fact, we’ve been thinking about it since we saw the Chromebox at last year’s Digital Science Expo, and we are looking forward to DSE 2020 in Las Vegas at the end of March where we will have a booth.) The AOPEN small form factor solution is a standard for Digital Engine (DE) models, but it’s particularly attractive because the media player drives 4K UHD content.

The Pico has a patented design with a 4K Ultra HD LG commercial display. It’s rated for 24/7 operation, with bezel-less projected capacitive touch technology from 3M™. The Pico is designed to accommodate a 43”, 49”, or 55” multitouch display. With all the possibilities that these commercial-grade monitors support, the integration of the AOPEN Chromebox—which is also rated 24/7—was a perfect next step for customization. The small form-factor computer system integrates seamlessly, and the 3-year warranty ensures that our clients have the support they need.

Please contact our Sales Group for customization options and pricing details.