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TAA Compliance and Touch Table Use in Secure Spaces

Ideum touch tables & displays are designed and manufactured in Corrales, New Mexico, USA, and meet the requirements of the Trade Agreements Act.
Authored by
Liz Richardson
Manager of Sales & Marketing

When you hear the name “Ideum,” it likely elicits thoughts about interactive multitouch exhibits in a public space such as a museum or science center. All of that is accurate, but that is just a single facet of our work. As Ideum has grown, so has the range of new and innovative uses for multitouch tables, and you can find our hardware being used in a wide variety of spaces. Among our clients are federal and local governments, educational and scientific institutions, and first responders. While their use cases may differ, they all share a need for reliable and secure hardware.

Our small, dedicated team builds small-batch touch tables using top-of-the-line components. Everything is manufactured on-site in Corrales, New Mexico, USA. Many of the components are sourced from suppliers local to our studio, and what we are unable to get locally, we source from industry leaders, such as Intel™, TES (formerly 3M™), and NVIDIA™.

We are dedicated to designing and building multitouch tables and displays with top quality components that are entirely built in the USA, supporting our local and domestic partners. Because of this, all of our touch tables are compliant with the Trade Agreements Act (TAA), which requires products to be built using federally approved domestic and global suppliers. In addition to TAA compliance, our hardware can be adapted for use in secure environments to meet the telecommunications requirements of the NDAA Section 889

All of this hardware is backed by our three-year warranty, and we happily offer support beyond the warranty period to ensure our systems that are in public and private institutions will last as long as possible, reducing our e-waste footprint. For more information on our hardware options, contact our sales group.