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Custom Touch Tables, Kiosks, and Displays

Ideum’s standard products can be customized to match interior spaces and add functionality.
Authored by
Jim Spadaccini
Founder & Creative Director

Our standard touch tables, kiosks, interactive displays, and even our touchless devices are built in small batches, most to order. This allows for customization options that make our products better match exhibition venues, retail spaces, corporate headquarters, or anywhere they might be used. In addition to customizing appearance, we can also add functionality, such as casters, handsets, RFID readers, cameras, accessibility devices, motion sensors, and other IoT options.

Custom Colors & Finishes

The frames and chassis of our products are made almost entirely out of aluminum. We provide a durable black, slightly textured powder coat as a standard color finish, but over the years we have produced our touch tables, kiosks, and displays in just about every color imaginable. We have even finished our touch tables with clear-coated aluminum, which has a striking industrial appearance.


Our touch tables are frequently used for museum installations, corporate experience centers, or retail settings where a range of interactive functionality is required. Beyond tangibles, casters, and handsets, which are pretty straightforward additions to our tables, we’ve integrated audio accessibility devices such as the Storm Interface. Using a similar add-on for our standard touch tables, we also developed an exhibit on medical technology with the XPRIZE Foundation that measures visitors' biometrics. 

Our touch tables have built-in RFID functionality just below the screen for administrative and other functions, but we’ve also added RFID options into custom builds where it is part of the core experience. In addition, we’ve built in proximity sensors which detect the presence of visitors and activate other functions. We’ve also developed a touchless add-on for our Drafting Table which won the Ultraleap International Developer Competition last summer.             


When a Customized Product Isn’t Enough

There’s a lot we can do in terms of customizing our standard products, but we also have a full fabrication studio which allows us to create wholly unique installations. As we mentioned in our recent post about our Inline Displays, our large open frame touch monitors have found their way into some unique touch tables and kiosks. Our fabrication studio works with a wide variety of materials; in fact, we’ve even created a giant touch table completely clad in Italian marble.    


It is very exciting to build completely customized installations, and we always enjoy learning what other fabricators and designers have built using our Inline Displays. We are the only manufacturer to offer open frame displays in these large sizes (43” to 86”), and the displays come with the best components; LG commercial displays, 3M and Zytronic touch, and all-aluminum frames. Our partners and our firm will have some new and exciting installations to share later this year!