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Different Ways to Customize Ideum Touch Tables

Our standard line of touch tables and kiosks are available with a variety of customization options to make your next purchase anything but standard.
Authored by
Liz Richardson
Manager of Sales & Marketing

Ideum’s wide range of standard touch tables, kiosks, and displays are all built in small batches, most to order. This allows for a level of customization for each product that would not be possible otherwise. The options available for each product range from cosmetic (colors, branding) to functional (casters, cameras), and are available on just about every product we produce.

Custom Colors and Finishes:

The majority of our hardware is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, which as a standard, comes in a timeless matte black powder coat finish. However, black may not always be the best option for the installation. Our clients have requested tables in a range of colors, from more common colors such as white or gray, to truly unique colors such as teal and silver, oftentimes with a high gloss finish. We can create a table in just about any color, and use RAL Color Codes to make sure it’s a perfect match. Whether you are looking to match the touch table to its environment or have it stand out, custom colors are a perfect way to do so.

A two-toned 55” Platform II, with a light gray top, dark gray base, and glossy finish.

Branding and Logos:

Often paired with custom color, branding and logos are commonly requested on hardware that is to be used in a trade show environment, or for tables being purchased by one of our many partners. These can be as simple as a vinyl logo placed on the base, or as comprehensive as a full vinyl wrap around the entire table or kiosk.

A custom 55” Portrait featuring a silver finish and vinyl logo, as well as custom software developed by Ideum.


In addition to cosmetic customizations, many of our tables have add-ons that can enhance the use of the system, broadening the interactive functionality beyond just the touch screen. The addition of handsets, tangibles, and accessibility devices can broaden the user experience for exhibits. We have even built custom tables with LED lights integrated into the frame.

While the aforementioned add-ons are generally unique to each client, we have a range of standard add-ons as well. Our Portrait kiosk is available with external camera enclosures which can be used to implement live photos, body tracking, and augmented reality to the software. A majority of our tables are available with casters for added mobility, and The Drafting II is available with an AEC Bundle that includes casters and a keyboard tray, transforming the table into a high-tech tool for architects and engineers. 

A custom 65” Platform II featuring custom color as well as unique LED lights built into the frame and base.


Many of our clients have specific requests that may not require a fully custom fabricated piece, but do not fit within our standard range of products either. We have created modifications to many of our standard products to turn them into something a little different for each user. The most common modifications include turning flat tables into angled drafting tables, or replacing the integrated Windows computer with an AOPEN Chromebox instead.

Full Fabrication:

While there’s a lot we can do to customize our standard line of products, sometimes that isn’t enough. In those situations, Ideum’s in-house fabrication team is here to help! We can design and build fully bespoke touch tables and kiosks that utilize our open-frame Inline touch displays. When it comes to fully custom hardware, the sky's the limit, and we are comfortable working with multiple screens and unique materials.