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Inline Displays - Large Open Frame Touch Monitors

Our Inline Series touch displays are finding their way into more and more installations.
Authored by
Jim Spadaccini
Founder & Creative Director

Back in 2018, we released our Inline Series of open frame displays. Later that year, we opened our Fabrication Studio in old town Corrales, just north of Albuquerque. Not surprisingly, since then we’ve been involved in developing a wide range of touch tables, smart furniture, and custom exhibits and kiosks. In addition, our Inline displays have been used by design companies, AV firms, fabrication & construction companies, and others in a variety of settings: everything from experience centers and museums to sales and retail spaces.

Inline Open Frame Monitors
Our standard touch monitors underwent a major revision in 2016. Our industrial design team focused on improving the quality of our display frames, lowering the cost, and improving the manufacturing and assembly process. This led to a complete redesign of our monitors and a hardware patent (US patent 10,225,509). A year later, our industrial design group was back at it, this time modifying the aluminum extrusion manufacturing method to create a display that could be more easily integrated into other materials.

We now have Inline monitors in 43”, 49”, 55”, 65”, and 86” sizes. In addition, we can easily create custom Inline “frames” that can be used with custom touch sensors and displays of just about any size. The Inline extrusion material can simply be cut to length, corner brackets hold the frame in place, and then a backplate completes the custom system. Inline monitors have become increasingly popular since we’ve introduced them, making up 50% or more of our touch display sales in some months.

Custom Fabrication
The first Inline displays were sold to other design firms and integrators who put them into custom furniture, cabinetry, walls, and exhibits. However, since our Fabrication Studio opened, we’ve developed a number of interesting custom exhibits and furniture. Here are a few highlights:

Conference Room of the Future - A custom 12-foot conference room table milled out of quilted maple with 3 Inline displays (2 43”s and one 65”). The table also includes custom Crestron controls to allow for switching signals between the table touch displays and video wall. Ideum designed and developed four of these interactive sales office setups for Amada, a Japanese manufacturer of metal processing equipment.

RFID Station Exhibit - A custom kiosk with an RFID reading feature and 49” Inline display. Ideum developed this custom exhibit, including the software, with the University of Michigan Museum of Natural History. The table was finished with gray enamel.

The Community Table - Ideum partnered with IDEO, Gensler, and Second Story to develop a massive 21-foot long touch table with three 86” inline displays. The table is clad with marble and it also has controllable LED lighting and sensors. The complete table weighs in at 5,500 lbs!

NM Film! At the Sunport - Our most recent installation, the NM Film! kiosk has a custom 75” Inline display (non-touch) and 43” Inline touch display. The table is constructed using wood and Staron solid surface material. Ideum designed and built the software along with fabricating the kiosk.

“The Island” - Under development right now, we are using a couple of our 43” Inline open frame monitors for the “Island”, a large interactive exhibit structure that we are developing for the Valle de Oro National Wildlife Refuge. This exhibit (and other work) will be installed early in 2021.

3 Year Warranty
All of our custom hardware is covered by the same 3-year warranty as our standard touch tables and touch displays. Along with the warranty, many of our small components from our standard products find their way into our custom kiosks, furniture, and exhibits. Power buttons, USB access boxes, and other secure electronic hardware is often used in our custom creations.

If you are interested in custom fabrication or in our standalone interactive products, please reach out to our Sales group. If you are looking to build your own custom touch table or kiosk, we can provide our Inline displays and other components. Just let us know … we are always happy to help.