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Copernicus Science Centre's New Exhibition Nears Completion

Poland's premier hands-on learning center's new "The Future Is Today" exhibition will include Ideum's The Brain Odyssey.
Authored by
Greg Hayes
Marketing & Content Coordinator

In exciting news from Warsaw, the Copernicus Science Centre is nearing completion of their new three-stage exhibition, "The Future Is Today."

One of the finest interactive museums in Europe, the Copernicus (locally known as Centrum Nauki Kopernik) will welcome visitors later this month to "Human 2.0," which explores the evolving relationship between humans and technology. 

Human 2.0 will join the exhibition's first two phases, "Digital Brain," exploring artificial intelligence (AI), and "Mission: Earth," delving into the challenges of our evolving habitat. As part of the exhibition's ongoing evolution, our own exhibit The Brain Odyssey will join The Future Is Today this fall, after the museum has built a new themed space around the installation. 

During their recent public test run of The Brain Odyssey, our founder Jim Spadaccini—in Europe last week for yet another exciting install—detoured to visit the Copernicus, and reported happily that the exhibit was both busy and well-received. 

We originally developed The Brain Odyssey with our partner Intervoke for the Cox Science Center as an interactive dive into the human brain and what makes it tick. Available in touch-driven and touchless interfaces, the off-the-shelf experience is suitable for most spaces. 

Ideum can also customize this and our other exhibits for special uses, such as the Polish and Ukrainian translations that we arranged for the Copernicus, or a recent Arabic translation for Ideum's EM Spectrum interactive exhibit

Congratulations to the Copernicus Science Center for a stunning new exhibition, and thank you for inviting us to help it grow. We are looking forward to seeing the final exhibition in the fall!