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Brain Odyssey Interactive Exhibit Now Available for Purchase

This new immersive experience, available in three formats, broadens Ideum’s suite of interactive science exhibits.
Authored by
Jim Spadaccini
Founder & Creative Director

One of our most popular installations, Deep Dive Into the Brain, has been updated and is now available for purchase in a range of configurations. Originally developed by Ideum and medical design firm Intervoke, this interactive journey lets visitors explore the amazing complexity of the human brain, starting at the brain’s outer lobes and moving to the microscopic level of synapses and neurotransmitters. The initial version of this powerfully immersive experience was installed at the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium in 2019. Now named The Brain Odyssey, Ideum and Intervoke are happy to announce the availability of this flexible and compelling science exhibit.

The exhibit is available in three configurations. One version offers a fully interactive kiosk complete with an Ideum inline touch screen and joystick in a cabinet, along with a 4K projector and computer. The touch screen allows visitors to “dive” to each level of the journey, while the joystick provides navigation within each level. This version is closest to the exhibit’s original format.

The Brain Odyssey is also available with the Ideum Touchless Pedestal which was announced last month and utilizes the Touchless Design software. This version replaces the touch screen control panel with completely gesture-based navigation.

Finally, the experience is available as either a touch or touchless version formatted for use with our Drafting II touch table. The touchless version of this configuration utilizes Ideum’s award-winning add-on hardware module to transform hand gestures into onscreen actions.

We have been excited to partner with Intervoke, whose skilled creative team creates accurate and amazing 3D medical imagery and animations, on the development of The Brain Odyssey. We are glad to offer discounts on these exhibits for small museums (under 100,000 visitors annually). Please contact our sales group for pricing and specifications.

The Brain Odyssey joins two other exhibits available for purchase from Ideum. One of these is Digital Dinos, which was developed with the Las Vegas Natural History Museum earlier this year. Ideum collaborated with the Museum and its staff paleontologist to bring authenticity to this playful interactive, which uses the latest science to bring dinosaurs that actually roamed the southwest millions of years ago to life. Digital Dinos is completely touchless—it even has a built-in “social distancing” feature!

Finally, our EM Spectrum interactive exhibit is also available. This exhibit has been installed at museums and institutions around the world, including the Museum of Science and Industry (US), Telus Science World (Canada), Interactive Mirador Museum (Chile), and Petrosains, The Discovery Centre (Malaysia). We should soon have another European installation to announce as well. EM Spectrum is specifically designed for the Ideum Pano touch table—and note that our new Pano Dual 49” touch table was announced earlier this year as well.

Please contact our sales group to learn more about these interactive science exhibits.