Custom Exhibit Presents Panoramic Images of Synagogues Worldwide


Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art


Tulsa, OK

An Ideum team recently returned from Tulsa, OK, where they installed a custom exhibit at the Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art. The exhibit was designed to showcase photographer Louis Davidson’s stunning photographs of synagogues around the world. Visitors use a 43” Ideum Inline display to browse or search for synagogues and pan and zoom into deeply immersive panoramic images of the sites on an 86” video monitor.

The exhibit lets visitors explore the history and design of more than 500 synagogues spanning centuries and ranging from cozy gathering spaces to massive architectural wonders. Davidson’s travels have taken him to tiny hamlets and bustling cities to document these sites and gather information about their construction and the communities they serve.

Ideum designed an intuitive navigation system that allows visitors to search for synagogues by location, date, or architectural style, learn about their history, and explore interior and exterior photos in addition to diving into the main panoramic image. Ideum also built a custom wooden cabinet to house the control console.

We were honored to have the opportunity to work with museum staff to bring Louis Davidson’s amazing work to a broader audience.