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Reimagining Exhibits at the New Mexico Holocaust & Intolerance Museum

Ideum worked closely with the team at the museum to create new displays for some of their existing exhibits
Authored by
Liz Richardson
Manager of Sales & Marketing

The New Mexico Holocaust & Intolerance Museum has been an important presence in the Albuquerque community since their opening in 2001. They have recently initiated a program aimed at updating their exhibits to align with contemporary perspectives and the latest standards in museum displays and educational practices. As a part of this process they worked with Ideum to build and update some exhibits.

One of the challenges we faced when creating these exhibits was the size of the space. Located in downtown Albuquerque, the museum has a limited area for their exhibits. We wanted to make sure that everything we designed not only fit with their needs, but also fit comfortably within their space. 

The Witnessing Justice at Nuremberg exhibit features an interactive on our Reader Rail Kiosk. The table hosts digital scrapbooks and albums that provide personal stories from those who took part in the Nuremberg trials. In order to access the various interactive scrapbooks created by the museum, Ideum built a custom Unity wrapper for the museum’s existing content, along with a menu allowing visitors to choose which book to examine. The wrapper was designed to align with the graphic look and feel of the rest of the Witnessing Justice exhibition. The Reader Rail kiosk provides a powerful yet compact platform to show archival materials that the museum does not typically display. 

Ideum’s fabrication team also refreshed a part of their permanent exhibit. Seeds: The Human Cost is a physical container that holds seeds of varying sizes, visually conveying the human cost of the Holocaust. The new design includes a pedestal for the Seeds container, an integrated 34” Inline display, and LED backlighting. The entire piece is made of a black laminate material to match the current aesthetic of the space, and at the museum’s request, has a smaller footprint than the previous pedestal. The inclusion of a digital screen and an illuminated title helps maintain the big impact of the exhibit despite the reduction in size.

Ideum was honored to work so closely with the museum to refresh these exhibits. The Witnessing Justice exhibit will be on display through December of this year, and the Seeds exhibit can be viewed year-round. For more information on our touch tables and fabrication, please contact our sales group.