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New Touchless Pedestal Expands Opportunities for Zero-Touch Interaction

The New Ideum Pedestal is Made for Large Display, Video Wall, and Projection Environments
Authored by
Jim Spadaccini
Founder & Creative Director

Update 11/10/20: Please visit Touchless Pedestal II product page to learn about the latest version.

Ideum’s new Touchless Pedestal is our next big step forward in developing touchless devices for public spaces. Compatible with the Touchless Design SDK Version 1.0 which we announced last month, the Pedestal is designed for use with large displays, video walls, immersive rooms, and projection-based environments. The Touchless Design software initiative is funded in part by Intel through their Pandemic Response Technology Initiative.

In the video, you can see the Touchless Pedestal in action with multiple applications to highlight its versatility. Flight Director, an exhibit we developed for the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, appears along with an interactive real estate application. The large projection installation is a version of the Deep Dive interactive that we developed with Intervoke, who created the exhibit’s amazing interactive 3D illustrations of the human brain.

The Deep Dive exhibit is a popular installation at the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium. The original, touch-based experience is also a finalist in the Educational Environments category for Digital Signage Expo’s APEX Awards in 2020. This exhibit, both the touch and touchless versions, are available for purchase from Ideum and Intervoke, you can learn more here.

The Touchless Pedestal can connect to existing displays or other large presentation environments using mouse emulation to allow for gesture-based interaction. The built-in 3.5” round LCD display and LED lights provide feedback to visitors as they interact, while animated cursor icons change on the targeted display to give additional information. Powered by Ultraleap hand tracking, an integrated Leap Motion Controller provides touchless gesture control. Ideum recently won first prize in UltraLeap’s international Beyond Touchscreens competition for an earlier iteration of the same type of interactive system.

Beyond the obvious needs during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Touchless Pedestal can easily provide interaction in environments where touch or other interactive technologies are impractical. For example, curved walls with large projection or large video walls are difficult to make touch-enabled due to their size or geometry, touch overlays can only be made so large, and LiDAR requires a flat surface.

The Touchless Pedestal is constructed of durable aluminum and Staron solid surface material, while the wooden piece holding the small LCD display is crafted from walnut. The Pedestal is available in white or black, but we can also custom design a unit in just about any color. The Pedestal is available for pre-order with the first units shipping in October. Please contact our Sales group for more details.

The Touchless Pedestal is our second touchless product. Our integrated touchless hardware add-on, which is designed to work with the Ideum Drafting II Touch Table, is also available for purchase and provides a touchless solution that can easily be reverted to touch in the future.

Please see the spec sheet for the Touchless Pedestal and contact our Sales group for more details.