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Summer Internships and Other Jobs at Ideum

We are offering summer internships for software development, industrial design, and exhibit tech positions.
Authored by
Jim Spadaccini
Founder & Creative Director

We are happy to announce that we’ve posted summer internships on our website. All of our internships are paid (and always have been). In the past, we’ve had high school students, college students, and older professionals looking to change careers. We are open to all applicants. Check out the Ideum Jobs page to learn more.

Our internships last three months and we are somewhat flexible in terms of the start and end dates. Sometimes our internships can lead to full-time positions, but that possibility depends on the circumstances and the performance of the intern. Right now, we are accepting applications for internships in industrial design and software development. In addition, our hardware workshop, which makes our touch tables and touch displays, is offering an exhibit tech internship.

We are also offering two full-time positions: an Administrative Specialist position, and an Operations Specialist position. We will likely be offering more positions in the coming months and possibly more internships, probably for the fall. Please check back at the Ideum Jobs page.