The New 75” Pro Touch Table is the First Commercially Available 8K System

This new high-resolution multitouch table ships later this summer.

The New 75” Pro Touch Table is the First Commercially Available 8K System
People exploring a digital map on a touch screen.

by Jim Spadaccini, Founder May 3rd, 2022

In the last fourteen years, Ideum has developed dozens of different touch tables and interactive kiosks; almost all in high-resolution with large display sizes. We were the first company to offer 4K touch tables. In addition, we are still the only company to offer large format, open frame monitors. Our Inline displays range from 43” to 86” and all have 4K UHD resolution. Our history of innovation with these types of systems continues with our announcement of the world’s first 8K touch table, the Ideum Pro 75”.

With a stunning high-resolution 8K LG display, the new 75” Pro has a resolution of 7680 x 4320 pixels, which is more than 33 million pixels or 4 times the pixel count of our current 4K displays! This new ultra-high-resolution touch table is part of our Pro lineup, now available with 49”, 55”, 65”, or 75”(8K) touch displays. Learn more about the Ideum Pro Touch Table by visiting our website, and you can also check out the spec sheet for further details.

Ideum's Pro 75 touch table.
The Ideum Pro 75” 8K touch table.

The first Pro 75” touch table has already shipped to the David Rumsey Map Center at Stanford Library. The table will allow visitors and scholars to view details of the collection at very high-resolution. The Map Center has original maps, globes, and atlases along with an extensive digital collection. Ideum is working closely with the Map Center, getting final feedback on the system before the Pro 75” 8K touch table ships to new clients later this summer.

The Pro 75” 8K system is available for pre-orders (first come, first served) with the first units expected to ship in August. If you’d like to reserve yours, please contact our sales group. We will continue to post updates about the touch table and its debut at the David Rumsey Map Center.