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What's Inside the Ideum Pro?

Find out why advanced users love our durable and versatile computing powerhouse.
Authored by
Greg Hayes
Marketing & Content Coordinator

Have you met the Ideum Pro? The most powerful of our standard-size integrated units (rivaled only by our 86" Ultimate Colossus) is also one of the Ideum hardware lineup's undersung heroes — but that's a trend we see shifting. 

Most users find that our Platform’s powerful state-of-the-art computer will meet their current needs, either in its standard configuration or with the Performance upgrade. (In fact, I’ve overheard our sales team advise numerous callers that they simply won’t need the extra power of the Pro — I appreciate that they never try to upsell anyone to a bigger/better machine, but do their best to match them with the right machine.)

So why would someone want the Pro? Our sales team has been tracking the evolution of user needs, and highlighted a few trends:

  • The adoption of powerful (and power-hungry) AI processing in more and more interactive applications
  • The growing popularity of graphic interfaces driven by real-time data 
  • The eternal evolution of graphics-heavy applications to require more memory and processing power

If these sound similar to the challenges you face or anticipate in your workflow, the Pro may be the right tool for the job. 

Advanced users see another great advantage in the Pro: adaptability. Inside the expansive base — 14 inches deep versus the Platform’s 3 — is an easily accessible full tower PC case, with lots of space to customize. Between this growing room and the table’s built-to-last construction, the Pro represents future-proofing at its finest.

Anyway, let’s take a look at what’s actually inside the Pro, from the top down.

The multitouch display pairs a commercial-grade UHD 4K LG screen with TES/3M PCAP (projected capacitive) touch sensors — offering 80 touch points and ±5 ms touch response time — protected by 4mm of strengthened anti-stiction glass and securely housed inside Ideum’s patented aluminum frame. PCAP is the same touch technology that is found in popular smart phones and tablets.  

Beneath the screen enclosure, a lockable hinged dock eases open to offer USB-A, USB-C, and HMDI connections, along with the system’s convenient single-push power button. One side of the ruggedized aircraft-grade aluminum base serves as a locking access panel, which opens to reveal the tower and other components. 

Inside the base you'll see a stereo amplifier powering two 90W Yamaha speakers, one mounted at each end. Bracketing each speaker are two cooling fans (for a total of four), managing heat generated by the Pro's big brains. 

Inside the base of the Pro.

Sliding away the tower's access panel reveals its state-of-the-art components. The exact specifications continue to evolve over time as our product team finds ways to upgrade the performance with new technology, but our standard setup and upgrade bundles currently feature a latest-generation Intel Core processor with an NVIDIA Quadro RTX professional-grade GPU. 

The whole integrated assembly is supported by a heavy-duty cast steel base, available with or without clip-on locking casters. If you're planning to take your show on the road, we also offer sturdy ATA cases, custom-fit to transport your table safely.

PRO TIP: Did you know? All Ideum systems are made to order, which allows us to accommodate the majority of special requests. From building in client-specified components, to removing communication gear for use in secure spaces, to maxing out the specs for unheard-of performance — we've done it all. Don't be afraid to ask.

For more information about the Pro and other Ideum hardware, reach out to our sales group.