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New Inline Touch Displays

Ideum now offers a new Inline Series—multitouch displays designed to be integrated into furniture and exhibits.
Authored by
Jim Spadaccini
Founder & Creative Director

Recently, we’ve seen an increase in customers who are integrating our touch displays into cabinetry, furniture, and other exhibits made with wood or other materials. Our standard Presenter touch displays are well-suited for this type of application. The Presenter’s all-aluminum frame and edge-to-edge bezel-less structure allows these displays to fit well into exhibits. But we wanted to make the process of integrating displays into furniture even simpler and more straightforward—so we’ve developed a new aluminum frame designed specifically for this type of application.

Available in May, the Inline Series will have the same 3M™ touch technology with 80 simultaneous touch points and LG commercial displays rated for 24/7 of our standard displays. The new aluminum frame is designed to easily connect to wood or other materials creating a flush, “inline” touch display. All of our current Presenter Display sizes—43”, 49”, 55”, and 65”—will be available in this new, easy-to-integrate form factor. In addition, the same small but powerful add-on computers with Intel processors and full-sized NVIDIA graphics cards will be available for Inline displays as well.

Update March 26, 2018: Full specifications and additional information about the Inline Touch Displays are now available.

Here are some photos of our first prototype inset into a small meeting table: