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Ideum Presents Human-Computer Interaction Award at 2019 Supercomputer Challenge & Other Community Projects

Ideum actively contributes to its community and has partnered with a few local organizations involved in education and science.
Authored by
Genevieve Brown
Marketing & Community Relations Manager

Ideum is proud to have supported the 29th edition of the Supercomputer Challenge. Sponsoring the Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) award was a natural fit for the interactive design company who is known for its HCI software, multitouch hardware, and one-of-a-kind interactive exhibits.

The Supercomputer Challenge is an exciting opportunity for New Mexico students to further their computational knowledge and work on scientific projects using high-performance supercomputers. The challenge is open to students from 6th through 12th grade and bonds and scholarships were awarded to several teams. The ceremony, hosted by the Central New Mexico Community College, took place in Albuquerque, NM, on April 30.

The award-winning Shiprock High School team presented an original application designed to ensure school emergency response efficiency. The team is comprised of Adam Pettigrew, Mya Harvey, Shi’son Tsosie, Lawrence Kee, and Destiny Domingo. The Shiprock High School students worked under the supervision of their teacher and mentor Natalie Johnston.

Their School Emergency Response project is an application called Campus Alert System (CAS) which is designed to allow school principals to send emergency communications from their smartphones. The teachers receive the principal’s messages on their smartphones with specific instructions. After the teachers have confirmed having followed the drill’s procedure, the application allows the principal to have access to a progress bar showing real-time status.

Ideum applauds the team’s innovative approach to school safety. Their application is a modern and effective tool to ensure efficient emergency drills. More details about the project may be found here: https://supercomputingchallenge.org/18-19/finalreports/80/Final_Report.pdf

Also in April, Ideum Graphic Designer José Crespin visited the Central New Mexico Community College’s campus to speak to their Advanced Photoshop Class.

“In undergrad, my professors would often have guest presenters come to talk about the design industry and their career path that had such a lasting impression on me.”, said José. “It was humbling to be able to provide that same opportunity for the students at CNM. I could tell by consistent nods, smiles of relief, and a few note-takers that I was making that same impression.”

A team of four Ideum team members visited Explora for the “Ideas with Ideum: interactive storytelling with emerging technology” Teen Science Cafe on April 5. Offered free of charge and tailored for teen-friendly presentations and activities, these special events focus on scientific communication and exploring STEAM-related career paths. The discussion was an exploration of interactive design projects as well as planning complex digital installations including video walls and projection mapping.

Learn more about Ideum’s community involvement.

If you are a New Mexico non-profit organization or local government agency, you may be eligible to apply to Ideum’s Technology for Our Community program using our online form.

All photos courtesy of Kaley Goatcher of the Supercomputing Challenge.