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We have been working with museums and other institutions for nearly two decades, using digital technology to shape the visitor experience. We’ve built large interactive video walls and projection mapped exhibits and installations in a variety of public settings. Ideum partners with leading AV manufacturing firms, such as 3M, Barco, Christie, Crestron, Datapath, LG, and others, to provide our clients more choices in brands and models than other AV providers.


Please contact us at (505) 792-1110 ext 1 or toll free in the US and Canada (855) 898-6824, use our online inquiry form, or email us at [email protected].

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Ideum video walls—with the addition of touch- or motion-recognition—create deeply immersive interactive experiences. The hardware can be networked to connect with additional systems, including multitouch tables, kiosks, projectors, and IOT (Internet of Things) devices. We have the experience to bring all of these elements together to create innovative and immersive digital spaces.

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Exhibit Development

Video walls and large format projection provide unique opportunities to create unique immersive shared experiences. We have worked closely with museums, brands and others to meet educational, interpretive, and messaging goals. Our team has experience designing and developing museum exhibits, custom applications, multiplayer games, and other memorable interactive experiences.

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Ideum hardware specialists provide full installation services based on client requirements. We have experience working with internal tech and IT teams, and can also provide more active support. Our support team is made up of the same people who design and build our custom systems.


Ideum works with renowned museums, Fortune 500 companies, iconic brands, research institutions, universities, nonprofits, and governmental agencies.

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About Ideum

Ideum’s Creative Services team designs and develops museum exhibits, custom applications, multiplayer games, and other interactive experiences. We have expertise in visitor research, industrial design, hardware engineering, UX design, software development, and content and media creation.

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