Museum Quality Hardware

Museum Quality Hardware

Ideum multitouch tables and touch walls are built for public spaces. These hardened, turnkey systems use the latest technology and are available for rent for events across the United States. Our touch tables come in a variety of sizes (43″ to 84″) and form factors (coffee touch tables, drafting style / kiosk displays, and flat touch tables).

Easy to Use

Plug & Play

Quality-built in the USA, our multitouch displays ship as complete, turnkey systems with lockable, push-button operation. Just plug it in and turn it on. It doesn't require a technician or any special installation setup.


Have Ideum’s Creative Services group develop unique software for your event. Ideum has deep experience in interaction design and has worked with top museums, Fortune 500 companies, and iconic brands. We can work with budgets of varying sizes and have helped support dozens of events and special exhibits.

No Assembly Required


Rentals are shipped in a wheeled ATA travel case. They arrive fully assembled and ready to plug in and turn on. We've shipped our touch tables and displays to hundreds of trade shows and other events across the USA.

A Creative Company


Ideum’s Creative Services team designs and develops museum exhibits, custom applications, multi­player games, and other interactive experiences. We have expertise in industrial design, hardware engineering, UX design, software development, and content and media creation.

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