About Ideum

Our ability to see the whole picture allows us to create engaging interactive exhibits, that focus on the visitor experience, using immersive digital tools to tell stories.

History & Approach

Founded in California at the turn of the century, Ideum is now based in Corrales, New Mexico. The company was founded by Jim Spadaccini, former Director of Interactive Media at San Francisco's Exploratorium.

Our approach is to create exhibits that evoke wonder, awe, and surprise, but also tell important stories about science, art, history and culture that have a lasting impact. We work with museums, educational institutions, and Fortune 500 companies.

Our multitouch tables and touch walls are practical implementations of recent advances in multiple areas of emerging technology. Our hardware products are built to be used in social environments where they encourage interaction and collaboration.

We are committed to creating visitor centric interactive experiences of substance delivered in immersive and exciting ways.
Our expertise includes software & hardware design, HCI, UI/UX design, programming, audio/ visual systems, fabrication, video & photography, research & user evaluation, museum planning, and more.

Unique & Multifaceted

We stand out apart from many other interactive design firms because we build unique, standalone hardware products in addition to developing content and specialized software.

Our work spans the realms of informal and formal education, interactive technology, gaming, art, and entertainment. In over 100 interactive projects, we've explored a wide range of topics in art, culture, history, science, and technology.

Industrial Design & Product Development

Our Industrial Design group is responsible for incorporating the range of multitouch and display technologies used in our custom projects, tables, and displays as well as building a variety of enclosures, custom exhibitions, and unique public space installations.

We are dedicated to investigating new input devices, electronics, sensors, software packages, and other emerging products and technologies. We have recently produced the Tangible Engine and Touchless.Design authoring packages. We have a strong commitment to making interactive exhibits more accessible and have published white papers focusing on ADA accessibility.

Mission & Values

Our Code of Values

We believe in integrity and strive to conduct ourselves and our business openly, honestly, and fairly. We hold ourselves accountable for producing innovative, high-quality work in the most efficient manner possible. We respect and value the ideas, experiences, approaches, and diverse backgrounds of our clients, our partners, and our team. And we believe that we can always improve both what we do and how we do it.


To use technology in innovative ways to create exciting and inspiring visitor experiences.


To provide our clients and customers with software, hardware, and complete installations that are meticulously crafted and detailed, reliable, and robust.


To create enduring value and make a difference in all of the things that we do and for everyone involved in our projects.


To serve our neighbors and fellow citizens by supporting community-based organizations committed to improving the lives of the people of New Mexico, preserving our unique culture, protecting the environment, and working for social justice.

Ideum is proud to be a member of Corrales Main Street Association, Rio Rancho Regional Chamber of Commerce, and the New Mexico Technology Council.