Custom Interactive Kiosk Highlights New Mexico Amenities and Locales


New Mexico Partnership


Albuquerque, NM

Entrepreneurs and business owners looking to expand or relocate now have an attractive new way to browse all of the natural beauty and amenities of New Mexico. Ideum collaborated with the New Mexico Partnership to develop a stunning interactive kiosk that highlights outdoor sights and attractions through an intuitive touch experience. The interactive map explorer lives on a customized Ideum Portrait kiosk and can be found touring trade shows and conventions across the country.

Attendees who are interested in learning more about the striking vistas and natural wonders of New Mexico browse a hotspot-based map explorer that reveals twenty-one locations to discover. When an attendee drags the viewport over a hotspot, beautiful imagery of a New Mexico locale appears. Tapping on any locale reveals photography and videos that capture the splendor of the state. A handy icon key also indicates all the various activities a particular location offers, including swimming, hiking, skiing, and more.

The map explorer is housed on an Ideum Portrait Kiosk in a custom RAL color and with custom vinyl decals. The Portrait is an all-in-one multitouch interactive kiosk with a 55" 4K Ultra HD display. The vertically aligned Portrait kiosk is a turnkey system that is engineered of aircraft-grade aluminum. This rugged and striking kiosk will see the New Mexico Partnership through years of trade shows and conventions.

This version of the map explorer is built to be extended in an additional upgrade this fall, allowing the software to highlight a number of different categories of attractions, including opportunities in technology, manufacturing, and many of the other industry offerings that make New Mexico a vibrant and diverse setting for all kinds of ventures.

As a company that has called New Mexico home for nearly 20 years, we are happy to work with the New Mexico Partnership to help introduce many more people to the wonder and beauty of our state.

Individuals can discover points of interests in New Mexico using the map explorer.
The kiosk contains videos, images, and information of natural wonders throughout New Mexico.
The software lives on a custom finished Portrait Kiosk.
Kiosk users can browse through the different attractions that New Mexico has to offer.