Command Center of the Future


Experimental Installation


United States

Ideum was tasked with creating a futuristic command center complete with custom software and hardware. Built as an immersive cinematic experience, the command center is not operational, but rather a large-scale group simulation. The interactive software drew inspiration from science fiction sequences found in popular films such as Minority Report and Oblivion. However, unlike the effects shown in those movies, this is a real-time, usable, interactive application, not computer generated special effects.

Translucent and glowing design elements animate based on touch gestures. Users can freely explore the futuristic interface and novel information display designed for a large 4K Ultra HD multitouch display. The application was built using WebGL, HTML5, and Javascript. We used the relatively new Electron development framework. The video below showcases the fluid nature of the application and offers an overview of the design process.

For the command center we designed and developed a prototype touch desk, tentatively named the Console. It has an Ideum 55″ 4K UHD LG commercial display with 3M touch technology mounted on a pneumatic lift system. It is built, like all of our systems, out of aircraft-grade aluminum. For this project, we added some custom features like the shiny cylindrical bar found at the base of the display. We also created custom end tables to allow for multiple configurations. Additional details about the Console touch table can be found on our blog.