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Warhol / Wyeth Interactive Photo Kiosk

Visitors to Crystal Bridges Museum get their 15 seconds of fame with Ideum's Warhol / Wyeth Interactive Photo Kiosk.
Authored by
Stacy Hasselbacher
Executive Producer

It’s a rare experience to see a living artist participate in an interactive that your team has created about that artist’s work! Ideum recently designed and developed the Warhol / Wyeth Interactive Photo Kiosk with the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in conjunction with their exhibitions Warhol’s Nature and Jamie Wyeth. We were excited to learn that not only are Crystal Bridges visitors enjoying the activity, but that Jamie Wyeth, one of the featured artists, actually used the interactive photo kiosk himself.

When Crystal Bridges visitors approach the kiosk, they choose from among several virtual backgrounds, all based on the work of either Andy Warhol or Jamie Wyeth. A RealSense camera detects the visitor, whose image appears on the screen. Visitors capture their image, then choose styles to apply to it, adding themselves to pictures reminiscent of the works of one of the two iconic American artists. After their image has been captured and the styles applied, visitors can email their picture to themselves and/or publish it onto Crystal Bridges’ Tumblr page for the activity. You can even find Jamie Wyeth’s image from the kiosk on Tumblr.

Ideum, working closely with Crystal Bridges, designed and developed the application and created all of the art for the backgrounds and styles. To learn more about applications Ideum has developed, visit our Creative Services page.

Warhol’s Nature and Jamie Wyeth will be on display at Crystal Bridges through October 5th. To learn more about these exhibitions at Crystal Bridges, visit their website.

Video courtesy of Crystal Bridges Museum.