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Ideum Joins Valle de Oro Team

Ideum will work with National Wildlife Refuge staff to create new educational exhibits for the Visitor Center.
Authored by
Becky Hansis-O'neill
Senior Producer

Ideum is very pleased to join the CF Padilla - Brycon, Formative Architecture, and Weddel Gillmore team to help create a new Visitor Center for the Valle de Oro National Wildlife Refuge located in Albuquerque’s South Valley. Ideum will be designing and building educational exhibits for the visitor center spanning a wide range of digital and physical mediums, including custom fabrication, experience design, software programming, and signage.

When the 570-acre Prices’ Valley Gold Dairy Farm closed, the local community and the Friends of Valle de Oro worked together to ensure that the land was preserved for the community, eventually becoming the Valle de Oro National Wildlife Refuge. In fact, Valle de Oro was the first Urban Wildlife Refuge established in the southwestern United States, and is one of about 100 urban refugees across the country.

Valle de Oro was officially designated as a National Wildlife Refuge by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service in 2012, and since then, the area has become a community space where local residents can spend time outdoors, learn about nature, and strengthen their community. It is also the first public land site to have its own Environmental Justice Strategic Plan.

As the Refuge expands and continues to be a place of community and innovation, Ideum is proud to be working with the team to create a new suite of engaging educational experiences. Stay tuned for updates as the project develops!