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Touch Coffee Table Giveaway 2019

Enter to win a 43” Pico Multitouch Coffee Table
Authored by
Esther Lombardi
Marketing & Sales

To celebrate our company’s 20th Anniversary we are giving away a Pico 43” touch coffee table! The contest starts tomorrow, December 12, 2019, at noon Mountain Time.

The Ideum Pico 43” Coffee Table has a 4K Ultra HD LG Commercial display rated 24/7 with a 3M touch controller supporting up to 80 simultaneous touch points. The Pico comes with a powerful integrated gaming PC that includes Windows 10 on an Intel computer system with a dedicated NVIDIA graphics card. The Pico is hardened for public spaces, but with its smooth custom finish and elegant lines, it will fit right in at home as well. Visit our Pico Multitouch Coffee Table page to learn more about our fully featured multitouch coffee tables.

You can learn more about our full line of multitouch tables and touch walls on our product pages. We also rent multitouch tables for special events.

Congratulations to Joseph S. of Pennsylvania who won an Ideum multitouch coffee table!