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Tangible Engine Now with Support for Node.js

Tangible Engine 2.5 with support for Node.js is now available.
Authored by
Jim Spadaccini
Founder & Creative Director

Tangible Engine is a software framework that allows developers to build interactive touch table applications that recognize tangible objects. Built to work in conjunction with Ideum touch tables, we’ve developed Tangible Engine for a few years now and we continue to add new features. Just last year, we added support for our 86” Colossus touch table. Our latest release, version 2.5 includes support for Node.js.

With bindings for Node.js, developers can now use Ideum's Tangible Engine SDK to create interactive experiences using web-powered technologies. Combined with frameworks, such as Electron, Tangible Engine allows developers to author native, tangible user interface applications using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Tangible Engine's Node.js Bindings use an intuitive event-based architecture that easily integrates with the Tangible Engine software service. The bindings are flexible and lightweight, allowing them to be easily extended to suit a variety of workflows.

Tangible Engine continues to support development in Unity3D and QT Quick. The addition of Node.js is a response to one of our most requested new features.