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Supporting New Mexico’s Museums, Zoos, Science Centers, and Cultural Institutions

Ideum has compiled a list of New Mexico cultural institutions to make it easier to support them.
Authored by
Becky Hansis-O'neill
Senior Producer

Here at Ideum, we are obsessed with museums and other institutions devoted to informal education, including science centers, zoos, aquariums, nature centers, libraries, cultural organizations, art galleries, and others. Much of our work is focused on designing museum exhibitions, and many of us have spent years working at museums of one kind or another. One of our core beliefs is that informal educational centers are vital to an equitable and well-educated society, in addition to providing added economic benefits to their communities. The work we do at Ideum leverages technology and principles of great design to interpret complex ideas and themes in accessible and engaging ways.

We now find ourselves in the midst of a pandemic, and during this time of uncertainty, it is unclear how and when museums will reopen and what changes in visitorship the industry will see. We are therefore compelled to find ways to support the museums and other organizations in our local community.

That’s why we have compiled a list of New Mexico cultural institutions and included information on how to purchase memberships or make donations. Your support of these critical community resources is more important now than ever.

You can access the list here. Don’t see your favorite institution? See information that needs correction? Submit a request for an addition here. And thank you!