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Ideum's Portrait: Redesigned

The Portrait touch + motion all-in-one kiosk is redesigned
Authored by
Jim Spadaccini
Founder & Creative Director

The Portrait is a standalone kiosk with a vertical 55” LG 4K Ultra HD commercial display and 3M touch technology. We just redesigned this popular form factor for the second time since first offering this model in 2016. This recent update, while more of a refinement, does offer some important improvements.

What’s New

The Portrait now has a cleaner look with a new singular front panel. We’ve designed two front panels, one with and one without the cutout for the motion tracking device. All of the ventilation and cooling has been removed to the back of the unit, and we’ve added additional cooling to the back to allow for even better ventilation.

The back panel itself is now a doubled-keyed door to allow secure, yet simple access to the PC and PC plate. This makes servicing the unit simple in the unlikely event that a computer component needs to be replaced, or if one wanted to upgrade the computer.

The other refinements are much more minor, including standardizing some of the smaller components and making the unit easier to construct. We hope that all of these efforts help reinforce our commitment to making the best possible touch kiosks, touch tables, and multitouch displays. We really do take pride in everything we build and sell.

What’s the Same

The 2017 redesign was a major one, where we made the Portrait slimmer than its predecessor using our patent pending extruded aluminum design. (There is more on that in our blog post from that same year, Toughest Touch Displays and Multitouch Tables.) The singular aluminum frame makes the unit incredibly tough, yet slim and relatively light. The base of the unit is made a steel and is engineered for stability. The unit comes with drill holes and screws to mount it for permanent installations.

The Portrait still has the same vivid 55” LG 4K UHD commercial display and 3M touch technology with support for 80 simultaneous touch points. Like most of our touch tables and multitouch displays, it has an Intel i7 processor and a full-sized GTX 1070 (or 1080) graphic card.

The first few of these new Portraits have already shipped, and we are proud to say that both NASA and one of our nation’s National Labs are the first to receive them. If you would like to learn more about the Portrait or any of our other offerings, please reach out to our Sales group.