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New Videoconference Showroom

Ideum can now easily demonstrate multitouch tables, touch walls, and custom software via videoconference.
Authored by
Stacy Hasselbacher
Director of Creative Projects

With the addition of new hardware production space and expansion into another building, we had the opportunity to enhance our sales showroom with a permanent videoconferencing setup. This allows potential clients interested in Ideum products to participate in active demonstrations with our sales staff or software producers. Our team can now easily show not only our multitouch tables and touch walls, but also our custom exhibit projects and interactive software.

Currently on display in the videoconference showroom are a Drafting Table 55 and a Platform 55. To schedule a demonstration with Ideum, please contact sales@ideum.com, call (505) 792-1110 ext.1, or call toll-free (855) 898-6824.