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New Custom Exhibit Cabinetry for Faces of the Fallen

Ideum Exhibit Installed in Custom Walnut Enclosure Created at Our New Fabrication Studio
Authored by
Hugh McDonald
Executive Producer

Our new Exhibit Fabrication Studio has completed a custom wooden enclosure for one of our most powerful museum experiences.

Faces of the Fallen, an exhibit we created with the Sullivan Brothers Iowa Veterans Museum in Waterloo, Iowa, lets visitors explore the stories of local soldiers who gave their lives during the Korean War. At the experience, guests can browse through profiles or search for soldiers by branch, rank, or hometown.

Originally mounted on a Museum wall in 2017, the exhibit now sits in a new wooden enclosure designed and built at Ideum’s new 5,500 square foot workshop in downtown Corrales, just a few miles from our home campus. This walnut and laminate cabinet features power and maintenance ports and a ventilation system specifically designed to seamlessly house the 65” Presenter touch wall and complement the Museum’s other exhibits. We built and test-fit all of the components here, then shipped the disassembled materials to Iowa, where our team completed the installation in a single day.

Our new Fabrication Studio is completely equipped with a full range of wood- and metalworking tools and staffed by a team of expert builders and technicians. The space greatly expands our ability to design, manufacture, and customize unique exhibits and smart furniture with embedded displays. We are also using it to stage and test full-size AV experiences, such as immersive video walls and large-scale projection installations.

Faces of the Fallen is joined on the Sullivan Brothers Museum floor by Faces to Go with Names, another Ideum exhibit that allows guests to learn about Iowa’s Vietnam-era soldiers.