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Tile Wall Transforms Theater Experience

Ideum’s Media Systems group designed and installed immersive video wall.
Authored by
Jim Spadaccini
Founder & Creative Director

Earlier this year, we were asked to help reimagine a theater space using the latest technology. Working closely with Amada America, a Japanese manufacturer of metal processing equipment, we designed a new theater complete with a massive 20-foot-long LED tile wall, a new sound system, and Crestron controls to manage media.

The theater, Amada Hall, is in one of the company’s main North American offices outside of Chicago. In fact, this complex installation was our second project with Amada; last winter, we worked with them to design and develop four cutting-edge conference rooms complete with custom meeting tables and video walls.

The LED wall is very impressive, combining a fine 1.27mm pitch, 600 nits brightness, and a 4K image. The large and seamless video wall covers the stage from nearly the floor to the ceiling, providing a powerfully immersive experience for Amada’s clients and partners. The revamped control room allows Amada’s technical staff to easily manage a variety of sources for the LED wall and the integrated sound system. Ideum was pleased to partner with Absen and Crestron on this unique installation.