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Ideum Supports the 2019 Bowling for Rhinos Fundraiser in Albuquerque, NM.

Bowling for Rhinos, organized by the American Association of Zookeepers, supports the endangered communities of rhinos and habitat conservation.
Authored by
Genevieve Brown
Marketing & Community Relations Manager

Ideum is proud to support Bowing for Rhinos for the third consecutive year. Organized by the American Association of Zookeepers (AAZK), 100% of the proceeds go to in situ conservation efforts. Bowling for Rhinos events are held throughout the US and Canada. Over 85 AAZK chapters take part in the fundraiser raising over $600,000 annually for a total of almost 8 million dollars since 1990.

The world’s population of the five remaining existing species of rhinos are on the decline. Experts say it is uncertain the 50 million years old species will survive the next 5 years. The white rhino’s future is slightly more optimistic. Once thought to be extinct, it now thrives in sanctuaries. Meanwhile, the black rhino’s situation is precarious and the animal has become a symbol of conservation in Africa.

The Bowling for Rhinos fund supports wildlife conservation in Kenya, Indonesia, and Sumatra. Providing the endangered animals with life-saving sanctuaries where they can roam free of the presence of poachers and trophy hunters.

Individuals and organizations interested in making a direct donation can do so online: https://aazk.org/bowling-for-rhinos/bfr-donation/