Stop Motion


Hewlett-Packard (HP)


Ideum recently collaborated with HP to develop Stop Motion, a signature application for their innovative Sprout platform. Ideum’s Creative Services team took a rough proof-of-concept application previously developed by HP, designed a new user interface, and programmed the application to allow users to intuitively and efficiently create stop motion animations. Below is a sample animation, Pluck, created by Hayley Morris using Stop Motion.

This mixed-reality application takes advantage of the Sprout platform’s unique capabilities and allows users to combine digital media and real-world objects. Ideum’s illustrators provided fun comic-style digital graphics and a sample project that come prepackaged with Stop Motion, which users can practice with as soon as they download the application.

Stop Motion is one of several applications Ideum designed and developed for the Sprout by HP. Others include Bills & Coins, an educational application in which users can scan money from around the world to get information about its history and more, and Origami Apprentice, which guides users through the folding of traditional origami models. All of these applications are free to download in the Sprout Marketplace.

Touch controls make it easy to add and edit content.
Stop Motion lets users create new animations quickly.
A sample project is included to get users up and running.