Austin Proper


Taysha Real Estate


Austin, TX

Ideum worked closely with the KOR Group and Taysha Real Estate Partners to create an interactive home-buying experience like no other. Visitors to the state-of-the-art sales gallery for Austin Proper, a 32-story tower in an up-and-coming neighborhood in Austin, Texas, are greeted with two ultra high definition Ideum Presenter 55 multitouch walls with a revolving 3D version of the Austin Proper property. Upon engaging the screen, visitors can spin the building around in 3D, while exploring each of the floors and available floor plans through tap, drag, and pinch-to-zoom gestures.

Visitors can search by square footage, orientation, and number of bedrooms and then zoom in on a particular unit. They can then learn about the amenities of the unit and other pertinent details, as well as view a representative panorama of what the view out the window would be. This is accomplished by ultra high definition panoramic images shot by aerial drones that are then perfectly aligned with the units’ edges. So, while the building is still under construction, a visitor can get the sense of the view from any unit. To extend beyond the building itself, Ideum re-created the surrounding neighborhood in 3D and created an interface for navigating through the neighborhood to locate popular shopping, dining, and entertainment venues.

Ideum used the Unity gaming engine, as well as architectural quality models of the city and Austin Proper itself, to create the immersive environment. The experience was presented on two Ideum Presenter 55 multitouch screens.

Customers can easily view and compare floorplans.
Drone photography lets users experience unit views.
Properties can also be explored with personal devices.