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Virgil Ortiz Prelude: Revolution is Coming

Ideum announces new collaboration with local artist Virgil Ortiz.
Authored by
Miranda Due
Project Coordinator

We are excited to announce a new collaboration with artist Virgil Ortiz and his upcoming Revolution: Rise Against the Invasion exhibit at the Colorado Fine Arts Center in Colorado Springs. Hailing from a family of Cochiti Pueblo potters, Virgil Ortiz continues his family’s legacy while moving into the realms of art, fashion, film and music. Ortiz first collaborated with Ideum in 2014 for his Santa Fe Indian Market opening, and we are thrilled for this new collaboration and opportunity to work with an amazing local artist.

Ideum is working with Virgil Ortiz to honor the history of New Mexico and help paint the scene of a futuristic revolution, starting with a collaboration on the video Prelude: Revolution is Coming. Ortiz is dedicated to telling the story of the 1680 Pueblo Revolt and pushes to make the history relevant and exciting by blending contemporary and traditional art works with historic events.

Virgil Ortiz will showcase his new works at King Galleries Santa Fe during the Santa Fe Indian Market on August 18th - 19th. Come by King Galleries on Friday, August 17, from 3-5 PM, to check out his work and watch the premiere of the video trailer Prelude: Revolution is Coming, and get a glimpse of what is to come.

Revolution: Rise Against the Invasion will open at the Colorado Fine Arts Center in October 2018 and run through January 2019. Ideum is excited to be working with Virgil Ortiz and the Colorado Fine Arts Center to bring in projection mapped experiential art to help tell the story of the revolution. Stay tuned for more details and updates. #ReVOlutionIsComing