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The Cedar Box Experience - Interactive Website

Explore the culture of Coast Salish People through interactive stories of people, land, plants, animals, and traditional foods.
Authored by
Greg Hayes
Marketing & Content Coordinator

The newly launched Cedar Box Experience website wraps timeless and useful ancestral knowledge in stories that integrate foods, plants, non-human animals, seasonal moons, and other elements of Indigenous life in the Pacific Northwest. This interactive experience was designed to serve Native communities and offer visitors a taste of Coast Salish culture.

The project is intended to foster love and care for the land while honoring mentors and Elders by connecting their teachings with new generations of knowledge keepers. The Cedar Box Experience's rich treasure of wisdom and wonder is presented in a format that sparks curiosity and invites exploration through photos, interactive art, videos, and games.  

The website integrates distillations of three larger learning resources — Tend, Gather and Grow; the Cedar Box Teaching Toolkit; and the Swinomish 13 Moons Curriculum — all of which are acknowledged and linked so visitors can continue to explore topics in more depth.  

Ideum is proud to have designed the Cedar Box Experience website. We generally offer web development only in conjunction with larger experiences and not as a standalone service, but we are honored by the invitation to collaborate on this important work and grateful for the trust of the project's founders — Feed Seven Generations, Tahoma Peak Solutions, GRuB’s Wild Foods and Medicines Program, and the Swinomish Community Environmental Health Program.