Ideum has over 27,500 square feet of exhibit design and production space in four buildings in Corrales, New Mexico, just north of Albuquerque.

Ideum's Main Campus


Ideum’s main campus on the northern edge of Albuquerque—New Mexico’s largest city and a growing center of industry in the Southwest—gives us rapid access to all parts of the country. Moreover, this location allows us to maintain 4 dedicated studios. Along with providing ample room for our designers and software developers, our 2 campuses have facilities for developing and assembling multitouch tables and touch displays, testing software and exhibits, and conducting user evaluation. Together our Prototyping & Usability Lab, Production Workshop, Industrial Design Atelier and Exhibit Fabrication Studio, located just down the road in historic Corrales, NM, have a combined space of over 27,500 square feet of design and production.

Ideum's Exhibit Fabrication Studio

Exhibit Fabrication Studio

Ideum’s newest facility, a 5,500 square foot Exhibit Fabrication Studio, is located in historic downtown Corrales, NM, and formerly hosted a woodworking and cabinetry shop. The Exhibit Fabrication Studio which features state-of-the-art tools such as a new CNC, plasma cutter, and mill, along with a variety of woodworking tools, allows Ideum to build exciting next generation of digital exhibits, first-of-its-kind smart furniture incorporating embedded displays and electronics, sensors and LED lighting, projection mapping and video wall experiences. It features a wood, metal, and plastic fabrication shop and prototype AV staging area installations involving multiple displays and complex projection systems.

Ideum's Workshop


Each year, Ideum produces hundreds of carefully-crafted multitouch tables and touch walls for customers all over the world. Our exhibit technicians assemble and maintain these complex products in our onsite Workshop. With a dedicated clean room, a suite of 3D printers, and state-of-the-art tools and equipment, this space is fully optimized to facilitate quality production and testing of our large suite of standard models.

Ideum also works with metal fabricators in New Mexico and around the region to produce the multitouch table and display enclosures we design. Ideum’s custom ATA shipping cases are also fabricated by local companies. All design, computer and display integration, assembly, and testing occurs at Ideum’s home facility, which allows us to keep a close eye on quality control and efficiency.

Ideum's Industrial Design Atelier

Industrial Design Atelier

Ideum’s in-house Industrial Design group plans, designs, and tests integrated products, custom components, and exhibits in our Atelier. Located adjacent to our onsite Production Studio, we use this space to assemble, demonstrate, and evaluate prototypes built around our interactive displays and multitouch tables.

Ideum's Prototyping & Usability Lab

Prototyping & Usability Lab

Ideum’s Prototyping & Usability Lab has space for A/V, electronics, hardware prototyping, usability testing, and video and photography production. Primarily used by our A/V Exhibits and Creative Services groups, this flexible space allows us to mock up installations involving large video walls, immersive projection mapping exhibits, and other technologies, increasing our ability to test and evaluate experiences throughout the design process.

Our Research and Development group uses the Lab to explore new hardware, including motion sensors and other HCI and IOT devices. We also use the facility to evaluate interaction designs, conduct usability testing, and hold design charrettes and workshops. When the Prototyping & Usability Lab is not in use, a range of Ideum touch tables and walls are always set up and ready for demonstrations. If you are interested in visiting the Lab or conducting a video conference with our sales group, please feel free to contact us.


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